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About jacquie k.

Hi there! I’m Jacquie K., an Ottawa makeup artist & product creator - for unapologetic babes who are ready to own their magic. I dreamt up the idea of the bus after visiting Portland, Oregon & because I wanted to take a shaker (cocktail, that is) to Ottawa’s beauty industry.
I became a makeup artist for all the human beings who sit in my chair & apologize for their “imperfections” because I believe
that no-one should ever feel the need to apologize for what makes them their raddest self (blemishes, scars & wrinkles included). My artistry style involves a love of: glowing skin, fluffy lashes,
winged liner & groomed brows + is always cruelty-free.
When I’m not painting faces, you can find me travelling, perfecting gin & tonic recipes, day dreaming + growing a line I never thought I’d have: Jacquie K. Cosmetics.


Because I love getting to know the girl boss behind the brand, here are 5 things you may not know about me:

1) I grew up in Alberta & I've lived in 9 cities since then, including Paris (where I studied makeup artistry), Dublin & Glasgow.. I live for travel.
2) I kill plants like it's my day job, but continue to fill our TINY home with them anyway. My favourite? our monstera.
3) I've never met a donut or veggie taco I didn't like, but I could also live off thai curry forever & be content.
4) I'm ridiculously passionate about the environment, so much so that i picked it up as a minor at uni. This also makes owen & I those annoying friends THAT will bring black bean patties to your bbq.*
5) Painting Abstracts gives me a crazy amount of joy (especially if gin + tonics are iNVOLVED). my retirement goals include living in a loft turned art studio somewhere warm.

* We always bring extra, don’t worry.




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